Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

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S.S. Hi-Tech Urological Hospital, our success is measured by our patients satisfaction with our services and the care they receive when visiting our hospital. We take great pride in urological and allied treatment to patients of all ages with state of the art technology under one roof since 25 years.

While we’re always interested in knowing how we’re doing in serving our community, what’s most important is how our patients are doing following their diagnosis and treatment in our facilities. Click here to Submit Your Review.

Mr. Reyaz Ahemad

All good. This hospital Doctors and all staff are very responsible and proper for this work. Thank you.

Mrs. Madhubala

Doctor treatment is very good. Other hospital staff is also good. Thanks for everything.

Mr. Maaz Shaikh

Dr. Satyajeet Pattnaik best doctor I ever meet, nurse is to caring helpful. Best hospital for stone surgery.

Mrs. Jenifer Macwon

Dr. Satyajeet is amazing along with co Doctors. Awesome staff and excellent service.

Mr. Vaibhav Koli

Dr. Satyajeet Pattnaik is the excellent in handling patients. I never face any awkwardness till operation was performed. Nurse and staff was excellent in service and caring too.

Mrs. Christina Mascurennas

The humble look of the clinic is a cover to the professionalism and efficiency with Dr.P. K. Pattnaik,Dr. Satyajeet Pattnaik & the staff of the hospital. Dr. Satyajeet has infinite patience and is extremely humble. I am so proud to say he is our ‘Don Bosco Boy’. God Bless all of you always.

Mr. Veerendra Singh

Wonderful experience with Dr. Pattnaik Hospital & Dr. Pattnaik is a wonderful Uro Surgeo. The staff is always helpful and kind especially TPA. Mr. Rajesh guide me very well. I am so glad I chose Dr. Pattnaik and would highly recommend to anyone. Lots of Thanks to Dr. Pattnaik. God bless you all.

Mr Pandurang Pudale

One of the best experiences with Dr. Pattnaik Hospital and Dr. Pattnaik and all staff. Staff is helpful wonderful service.

I definitely recommend for any Urological problem to Dr. Pattnaik. Thank you very much Dr. Pattnaik Sir best treatment advice and service. I always thankful to you Sir.

Miss. Misba Ansari

The most respect profession comes with big responsibilities The service that we receive from Dr. Pattnnaik’s Hospital is Excellent. Dr. Pattnaik and the staff are friendly and ensure that the patient properly informed about the health and care.

Dr. Pattnaik explained everything to patient relative in a very common manner.

All the staff was great they were helpful. Thank you, Dr. Pattnaik & Staff.

Mrs. Pratibha S Gaikawd

I really appreciate all the Doctors and nursing staff for this commitment. It was very positive experience since admission till discharge. Great job done by everyone.

Mr. Neville Bhiwandiwalla

Excellent doctor and treatment will recommend to all. Very professional mannerism when dealing with patient, willing to go into deep level of detail accommodates and respond literally 24/7. one of the best medical experiences.

Sakshi Pednekar

Great experience with Dr. Pattnaik’s Hospital excellent doctor and management is also helpful. It was very good experience since admission till discharge.

Sachin Karendkar

Pattnaik’s Hospital great doctor and management is helpful. It is very good experience since admission.

Sushil Tambulkar

Great experience with Dr. Pattnaik’s Hospital doctor is good & other staff is also very kind & experience. Thanks for this good treatment.

Mr. Ashish Gaware

Dr.Pattnaik Sir is great doctor and his staff also very cooperative. The service that we receive is very professional one of the best hospitals I know now. I will recommend this hospital to my friend and relatives.

Vandana Tiwari

Its nice experience, very polite & cooperative staff & medical team prompt service. Thanks for everything.

Mr. Bhavesh Gohil

Dr.Pattnaik is an excellent doctor with having quick response to my pain really appreciate all his gestures towards my family as well even would like to thank all the supportive staff as well.

Mr. Gaurav Matkar

Dr. Pattnaik quick decision making based upon diagnosis helped with early treatment staff was polite and helpful. Thanking the entire hospital team.

Mr. Ashish

Dr. Pattnaik is the best doctor for stone. All staff is very helpful hospital is very clean. The treatment is satisfactory. Thanks to all staff .

Mr. Vairesh Sachdev

Dr.Satyajeet is best doctor Dr. Brij is too good. All staff is very helpful and co-operative hospital is clean. Thanks to all doctors and staff.

Manisha Vilas Kudtarkar

Dry needle therapy

Manisha Vilas Kudtarkar. Age – 47 years

About two years back I was diagnosed with chikungunya. For those of you who are unaware about it, fever and joint pain come on suddenly. Muscle pain, headache, fatigue and rash may also occur. In my case the fever came down quickly however, leaving behind joint and muscle pain. Getting up on my own was a difficult task. The joints of my knees, ankles, wrists, fists, shoulders had become stiff and extremely painful. Movements of any of the former mentioned would cause pain. There was significant amount of swelling in the joints.

We first consulted an MD physician and were prescribed some meds. They didn’t work so next we consulted an orthopaedic. He suggested it was a temporary form of arthritis. He assured it would lessen but there was improvement in my condition. Medication given by these two doctors would only provide temporary relief. No permanent cure. By now almost 2 months has passed with zero results After meeting with Dr. MANORAMA PATNAIK she thoroughly examined me for an hour and suggested the ‘Dry Needle therapy’. We were explained how the therapy would be conducted. I was called in for about 7-9 sittings for this. The doctor said results would show only after the third or fourth sitting. However, after the second one itself my pain was considerably reduced. Massage (to the areas of pain) and exercise was compulsorily recommended alongside. In each sitting the doctor used to insert medical needles in the areas of pain. Needless to say it was a bit painful therapy but the only one which cured me completely. It was a miracle. In no time I was up and about. No side effects have been experienced by me. Thanks to the good doctor, today I am capable of exercising regularly as well as taking dance lessons.

Arthur Rebello

I was operated upon for enlarged prostate in first week of May,2017 at Dr Pattnaik Hospital, S. S. urological Institute under guidance of Dr Prashant Pattnaik . Dr Prashant Pattnaik performed the surgery with his vast experience and i.e was so smooth. Post surgery recovery was very fast and good. there was no pain at all during surgery. your associates and staff behaved professional manner during my stay of 2 days in hospital and during follow ups.

subsequently, Innovo process was done to stop leakage of urine, which was again very wonderful experience due to your suparisin and co-operation of you staff involved. they were always eager to be to help me.

As I was too busy. I could not contact you and therefore delay for this feedback. I sincerely convey my sincere thanks to you, your associates and staff.

Prem Matani

took treatment by Dr Prashant Pattnaik clinic for Prostate disease. ESWT after which I have been feeling better and recovered from Prostate enlargement problem without surgery.

Gautam Pyarelal Sharma

The grace of the divine worked through Dr. Pattanikji and I have got a new lease of life. Dr. Patnaikji took charge and ensured that all my challenges were resolved. His buyoant spirit is shared by his colleagues and staff. I and my family are thankful to having being treated by him. God Bless!

Kailas Waghmare

Expertise in Urology is not only for patients,but also many Urosurgeon's are trained by Dr Prashant Pattnaik.He is the Urology Guru.

Naveen Purohit

I have been getting treatment at the Pattnaik Hospital since last 8 years where I have been treated for PUJ obstruction, gone through pyeloplasty in 2011 March but that didn't worked since the ureter stricture again got dilated and later on I have been continuously taking treatment advise and guidance of Pattnaik sir by doing stent replacement and laser cut of the stricture in the last session and with his excellency in the subject matter my kidney function have been improved since currently as per the last reports the kidney function overall is normal and for the left one (which has issue) have improved also I have been advised to do yoga have balanced diet and all this helped me a lot and made me live a very normal life.

Hopefully I will be completely fine in near future with god's blessings since Pattnaik sir is giving a proper guidance and treatment to me. I appreciate all your efforts. Thank you for all your efforts.

Arvind vani (Male / 49 years)

I was getting severe colicky pain off & on for last one month. I heard about Dr Prashant Pattnaik. On doing USG report I come to know that I have kidney stone in the ureter and it was very painful to me. I am not abole to bear the pain for last two days.

I have taken medical and Laser treatment to my kidney stone and I am very happy that Dr Prashant Pattnaik has given me very nice treatment my stone disappear without surgery. After that I do not have any problem with kidney stone. I also like to inform you that Staff of Dr pattnaik is very co-operative and given me very good services when I was admitted.

Mrs. Arati Ravindra Lad

I had a 10 mm stone in right ureter and operated on sept 2007. Few days after operation I started getting the same pain which I used to get before operation. Since sept 2007 to June 2010 I visited many doctors and done many investigations at diff hospitals. Finally I approached Dr.Prashant Pattnaik at pali naka, bandra who studied my case and told me that it will take time to recover from the pain. He operated in June 2010 and told me that the diagnosis is ‘RIGHT URETERIC STRICTURE’’ which is difficult to cure. He always used to say that I will not give up until you are recovered fully.

After the operation a stent was kept in my right ureter and the pain subsided. After three months the pain again started and since then up to December 2016 I used to get admitted every three months for recurrent ureteric stricture and stent replacement. From June 2010 as the years passed the doctor studied my case thoroughly and finally in Jan 2017 he performed an open surgery which completely relieved me from my recurrent problem.

Initially I decided to quit my job but doctor pattnaik assured me and advised not to quit the job. From June 2010 I could continue my job only because of dr.pattnaiks support and care. The hospital is fully equipped and all the machines he is having is imported. Even big hospitals are not having such latest machinery. He is such a master of urology that once the problem is told orally he understands it immediately and treats the patient.

The staffs here are very cooperative and attend each and every patient with care. Initially my relatives used to accompany me at the time of operation along with my husband. But as the days passed only my husband used to accompany me because of the homely atmosphere and personal care. Patient from all parts of India and abroad are approaching Dr.pattnaik for various problems.

I thank Dr.pattnaik for the new life given to me and I am very much grateful to him. I advise all the patients who are suffering from urological problems to visit Dr.pattnaik and get rid of the problems permanently.

Harshit Desai

Very humble and experience doctor!! Master in resolving Urologic problems..Specially stones.