Kidney Transplant

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Kidney Transplant

Donor Nephrectomy

kidney-transplant surgery-Donor-Nephrectomy

Tiny incisions are used and the kidney is removed using a scope or camera and special miniaturized surgical instruments. The procedure is, similar to one used to remove a gall bladder. This minimally invasive procedure has a shorter recovery period and the complication rate is very low. In addition, the quality and function of the transplanted kidneys are excellent.

Recipient Surgery

The goal of transplantation is to improve the quality of life for people with end stage renal disease (ESRD). Transplantation is not a cure, but an alternative to dialysis. Our goal is for the transplant recipient to achieve a level of activity and health comparable to a person of their age who does not have kidney disease. Renal transplant does involve risk. Each individual has to consider their own set of circumstances and the recommendation of their physicians when making the decision to pursue transplant as a treatment option.

Cadaveric (Deceased) Transplant

An organ or tissue transplanted from a deceased and usually unrelated donor. (Subject to Law of the Land)

Robotic Assisted Transplant

Robot-assisted Transplant surgery is safe, minimally invasive and offers faster recovery time. Patients usually leave the hospital within a day or two and resume normal activity shortly thereafter.