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Dr. PattnaikĀ“s S.S. Urological Hospital has best in class emergency care centre offering expertise 24x7 urgent medical attention from a urologist or an emergency room.

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Endoscopic Prostate & Bladder Surgery

Prostate & Bladder Surgery

Transurethral Resection Of The Prostate (TURP)

TURP is the classic treatment for urinary symptoms due to the prostate (prostatism) or BPH. Prostatic tissue is removed and so the physical bulk of the prostate is reduced. Obstruction is reduced and urinary symptoms considerably improved. The operation is performed through the penis and usually there are no cuts or surgical incisions.

Transurethral Resection of Bladder tumor (TURBT)

Transurethral resection of bladder tumour (TURBT) is a procedure used to diagnose bladder cancer and remove any unusual growths or tumours on your bladder wall.

Visual Internal Urethrotomy (VIU)

Visual Internal Urethrotomy (VIU) or optical urethrotomy is a surgical procedure carried out on the urethra of the male patient for treatment of a stricture. A stricture is a narrowing within the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis). The surgery involves cutting open of the urethra to improve the flow of urine.

Ureterocele Incision

Endoscopic incision is a well described, minimally invasive method of decompressing ureteroceles that can be used successfully in neonates as a day procedure, and can reduce the need for subsequent open surgery. The standard technique of ureterocele incision uses a diathermy electrode via the instrument channel of a cystoscope.