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The procedure that involves the surgical removal of the skin, which covers the tip of the penis, is called circumcision. The surgical procedure is usually performed on newborns for personal or religious reasons. It can also be performed in older children and adults for the same reasons or to treat or prevent certain medical conditions.

What are the medical benefits of circumcision?

The possible medical benefits of circumcision include:

  • Easier hygiene.
  • A lower risk of HIV
  • A slightly lower risk of other sexually transmitted diseases
  • Prevention of penile problems.
  • A slightly lower risk of urinary tract infections and penile cancer. However, these are both rare in all males.

Advances in the medical field have brought changes in the techniques of circumcision. According to doctors, modern stapler circumcision and laser circumcision are the best procedures for various penile problems. Let’s know further about the laser and stapler technique of circumcision.

Stapler circumcision

Stapler circumcision:

Stapler Circumcision is a modern technology to remove the layer of the foreskin by using a surgical stapler to cut and seal the cut skin edges. During this procedure, the patient is under the effect of anesthesia (local or general). As a result of which, it is a completely painless experience for the patient.

Benefits of stapler circumcision

  • No intolerable pain
  • No overnight hospitalization
  • Faster recovery
  • No restriction on work
  • Almost nil postoperative complications
  • No major blood loss
  • Very less chance of wound dehiscence
Laser circumcision

Laser Circumcision:

Laser circumcision is an advanced procedure performed with the help of cutting-edge laser techniques. In this procedure, a high laser beam is used to cut the foreskin. This is a modern technique and safest procedure compared to conventional methods to remove the foreskin.

Benefits of Laser Circumcision

  • Procedure time- only 10-15 minutes
  • Painless surgery (under the effect of anesthesia)
  • No bleeding and scarring
  • Minimal swelling after foreskin removal
  • Same day-discharge (daycare/outpatient procedure)
  • Recovery period is less than a week
  • Zero risks of infections
  • No hemorrhage
  • No major restrictions on the lifestyle

Who performs a circumcision?

A urologist, obstetrician or paediatrician can do the circumcision on the newborn in the hospital. A healthcare provider can also perform it later, in the office. In a bris, a trained professional called a mohel to perform circumcision.

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