urologist of international repute and a faculty at national and international level

Dr. Prashant K. Pattnaik

( Managing Director & Chief Urologist )

( An urologist of international repute and a faculty at national and international level )

After completing the studies with brilliant academic career from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion, Mumbai, Dr Pattnaik was associated with the first Lithotripsy and Endo-Urology center of India, ever since its inception until recent past. Subsequently, he headed the department over 8 years. To his credit, he has successfully treated a record number of cases in Lithotripsy and Endo-Urology in the country and abroad. Dr. Pattnaik, the co-founder of the 'Dr. Pattnaik's S.S. Hitech Urological Hospital', set up his own practice in 1996 at Bandra, known as the 'Queen of the Suburbs' which is in Mumbai, the Economic Capital of India. Since then, he has been treating patients of all ages, gender and countries with (Hitech) State of the Art technology, at his hospital. He is one of the pioneers in introducing the Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) in India, which is used extensively for non-invasive extracorporeal treatment for various urological diseases and pain management.He is a driving force in making the advanced technologies of the world, available to patients in India at an affordable price. After his training in U.S.A. on Robotic Surgery, he is currently associated with Asian Heart and Allied Institute, as a robotic surgeon and consultant urologist. His hospital serves as a tertiary care center to number of health care facilities in India and abroad, wherein he treats most difficult and failed cases. He is not only a surgeon of high caliber, but also a teacher of international repute. He has trained fellow urologists throughout the country and abroad, presented numerous papers and attended conferences all across the globe. Even though he has a professional career with unmatched succeed rate, he maintains a low profile. His amicable personality, patient care and community service in health care, makes him uniquely identified as a human being.

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